What is a pole barn?

What Is a Pole Barn?

The concept of a Pole Barn was developed in the 1930’s using treated round “poles” to construct a barn. These original pole barns were primarily found in agricultural settings. Pole barns have come a long way, and are now made from engineered laminated columns, and the structures have been engineered to improve the structural efficiency. Now the “Pole Barn” is a post frame structure that has engineered for commercial, residential, and agricultural uses.

Why Do They Call It a Pole Barn?

The name "pole barn" comes from using wooden poles as the primary structural material in these buildings. In addition to being sturdy and cost-effective, wooden poles are easily adaptable to various uses and designs. And with the proper placement of the poles, we can create any structure our clients need, from a simple pole barn garage to a large warehouse, manufacturing facility, or agricultural building.

What Construction Type Is a Pole Barn?

A pole barn is a form of post-frame construction. Unlike mainstream construction methods, which often rely on concrete and bricks, post-frame construction uses laminated wood columns to provide structural stability. While there are several construction methods, post-frame buildings are among the most popular. Overall, our standard building features are superior to others in the industry offering a strong and durable construction methods that are affordable and adaptable.

The QSI Difference

QSI structures provided an efficient solution for many applications. They served a purpose, not unlike the no-nonsense farmers who built them.

The strong, durable structures we build at QSI incorporate the same efficiencies as before – less time from start to finish, increased cost savings – only with a far greater degree of sophistication and versatility.

With post-frame designs that can be fully customized according to your specifications for use in farm, residential, commercial and industrial settings. Your possibilities are endless. Our structures are comprised of quality materials and engineered according to UBC and IBC standards. No matter what you’re dreaming of for your next post-frame project, a dedicated, qualified QSI building advisor will walk with you every step of the way to turn that vision into reality.

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