Fred Gantz Hobby Barn

Fred's Hobby Barn

The entire building process with Fred was perfect! His abundance of knowledge pertaining to the hobby barn he wanted and how he wanted it built was spot on. After the build was completed we couldn't help feeling that this hobby barn had such a strong connection to the surrounding trees and structures! It felt like you really got to create something special on his property!

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"Having someone that would look at my drawings and match it up as closely to what I wanted is why I went with QSI."

Project Details

If you are wanting to see what all went into building such an amazing hobby barn, then see our details listed below.

18' width x 32' length x 10' inside height

4' o/c trusses; 20-5-10 standard loading; 4/12 top pitch; standard lower pitch

8' o/c 3-ply laminated load bearing columns with uplift protection

29 gauge painted steel with a 320 sq ft open side in light stone

29 gauge painted steel in burnished slate

29 gauge painted steel in burnished slate

36" open overhang on one (1) side