Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about QSI post-frame buildings and process.

QSI has teamed up with New Century Bank to bring you a competitive option for leasing and other financial options.

These professional, courteous financial professionals will assist in meeting your financial needs related to your farm, home, or business.

It is the customer’s responsibility to apply for the permit if it is required. You will need to check with your local municipality or homeowners association on any restrictions (size, height, materials, etc.) or required setbacks from your property lines. Quality Structures will provide the specifications and drawings for your new building that can be used to obtain your building permit.

Excavation may be available through Quality Structures depending on your location. If you decide to provide your own pad you will need to provide us with a level building site approximately 3 feet larger than your building on all sides. For example, a 30’x40’ building would require a 36’x46’ level pad. If QSI will be providing you with a concrete floor it is your responsibility to add 3-inches of rock or sand on top of your level building pad. Adequate provisions should be made for drainage away from the site. Final leveling and grading may be needed after the completion of your building.

Because our buildings are completely customizable, no size is too big or small. Use our Standard Lengths and Widths Chart to determine the size that will best fit your needs and budget or contact an advisor with any questions.

The completion time of a project varies depending on site preparation, crew availability, weather, supply chain availability of product, and complexity of the project. Typically, our crews start the building process within a week of delivery of the materials. Construction on a basic garage or agricultural building is less than a week; however, more complex projects take additional time to construct.

Read more about our process here.

The customer is responsible for the removal of the scraps and trash. However, to simplify the process, our crew will leave it in two piles, one burnable and one recyclable.

Every project is done on a “pay as you go” basis. A 25% deposit is required at the signing of the contract. 65% is due upon the start of construction. The remaining 10% is due on completion.

QSI offers several choices to improve the comfort of your building depending on your needs. Our insulation options are based on your needs and budget: choose from limited, moderate or extensive.

Limited – Radiant Reflective insulation known as Solex LT provides you with a condensation reducer and a reflective type insulation that reflects the heat outward in the summer and inward in the winter. This product is used primarily as a reflective condensation barrier.

Moderate – We offer R-13 or R-19 fiberglass batt insulation and R-30 blown-in insulation which is typically used in conjunction with a steel liner package.

Extensive – We also offer open and closed-cell sprayed in foam insulation, or a combination of the above. Spray foam is a powerful insulator that creates an airtight seal. It acts as a moisture barrier which deters mold. Spray foam is eco-friendly and long-lasting and that means energy savings! Whatever your insulation requirement, we have an option that will meet it.

QSI can pour your footings and slab once plumbing has been done.

We apologize, but QSI does not pour any basements.

As long as your concrete slab has a footing, QSI can do either 2x6 stud wall or post-frame type construction.