Tim's Hobby Barn

Tim's Hobby Barn

We loved being able to help Tim build the building that he envisioned. After working with him, we found out that his building also inspired his next door neighbor to consider building with QSI as well!

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"Very very good communication! Building went up really fast. I just really liked the workmanship inside. Structurally, I was just really impressed with the way they did it! "

Project Details

If you are wanting to see what all went into building such an amazing hobby barn, then see our details listed below.

30' width x 40' length x 14' inside height

4' o/c trusses; 20-5-10 standard loading; 4/12 top pitch; standard lower pitch

8' o/c 3-ply laminated load bearing columns with uplift protection

29 gauge painted steel in light gray

29 gauge painted steel; 140' of 4' wainscoting in slate blue

29 gauge painted steel in slate blue

29 gauge painted steel in slate blue

12" boxed overhang on two (2) sides and two (2) gables with slate blue soffit and fascia

Solex LT on sides and roof

(1) commercial steel back insulated 12 x 12 overhead door

(1) 3' x 6'8" 6 panel fiberglass entry door

(3) 4 x 3 slider insulated windows with low-e in white

(1) 10 x 20 x12 open below eave lean-to with 2/12 pitch

12" boxed overhangs with flush steel ceiling in light gray

4" concrete floor with 2' o/c rebar inside building

4" concrete floor with 2' o/c rebar outside building